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Our first child, Noah, was born on January 16.

Spokane Photographer – Seattle Skyline

Digging through some old stuff – found this.  Seattle has one of the most beautiful skylines of any city, anywhere.

Interested in a print of this or anything else you see here?  Contact us!

"Seattle Skyline" "Seattle Buildings" "Space Needle" "Spokane Photographer" "Eric Strate Photography"

Spokane Wedding Photographer – Drew and Ashley

"Spokane Wedding Photographer"

"Spokane Wedding Photographer" "Spokane Wedding Photography" "Riverfront Park" A couple shots from today’s follow up session with Drew and Ashley.

"Spokane Wedding Photographer"

Spokane Photographer – Bald Eagles

The Bald Eagles are back at Lake Coeur d’Alene to feed on the spawning Kokanee for a few weeks.  Today was my first trip out, and I didn’t get much worth posting – lighting was tough and there wasn’t a lot of activity for much of the day.   The shots here are of two separate birds – both immature Bald Eagles – one that hasn’t had much color change at all to its head, the other that is in the process of gaining its ‘white’ head.  You can see the band of dark feathers near its eye.

Things are going to be slowing down considerably for the next few months – we’ve got our first baby due in January and I intentionally pull way back on scheduling shoots during the fall and winter months.
Have a few things on the schedule in the next few weeks that will be very cool and I am finally going to get back to doing some model shoots as well.  And I am finally going to get an updated website up and running.


"Spokane Photographer" "Spokane Wedding Photographer" "Spokane Landscape Photographer" "Spokane Landscape" "Spokane River"

Sunset on the Spokane River, just upstream from the Bowl and Pitcher. Photo is a 3 shot composite HDR image taken and processed by Eric Strate. (c) Eric Strate

In the meantime, here’s an old shot of the Spokane River to remind you how amazing the sunsets in this area can be.

Moon Shot

Spokane Family Portrait Photographer

Another shot from a recent family portrait session.  Fall sessions are filling up fast – book today!