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Family Photos

Our first child, Noah, was born on January 16.

Spokane Photographer – Seattle Skyline

Digging through some old stuff – found this.  Seattle has one of the most beautiful skylines of any city, anywhere.

Interested in a print of this or anything else you see here?  Contact us!

"Seattle Skyline" "Seattle Buildings" "Space Needle" "Spokane Photographer" "Eric Strate Photography"

Spokane Wedding Photographer – Drew and Ashley

"Spokane Wedding Photographer"

"Spokane Wedding Photographer" "Spokane Wedding Photography" "Riverfront Park" A couple shots from today’s follow up session with Drew and Ashley.

"Spokane Wedding Photographer"

Spokane Photographer – Bald Eagles

The Bald Eagles are back at Lake Coeur d’Alene to feed on the spawning Kokanee for a few weeks.  Today was my first trip out, and I didn’t get much worth posting – lighting was tough and there wasn’t a lot of activity for much of the day.   The shots here are of two separate birds – both immature Bald Eagles – one that hasn’t had much color change at all to its head, the other that is in the process of gaining its ‘white’ head.  You can see the band of dark feathers near its eye.

Things are going to be slowing down considerably for the next few months – we’ve got our first baby due in January and I intentionally pull way back on scheduling shoots during the fall and winter months.
Have a few things on the schedule in the next few weeks that will be very cool and I am finally going to get back to doing some model shoots as well.  And I am finally going to get an updated website up and running.


"Spokane Photographer" "Spokane Wedding Photographer" "Spokane Landscape Photographer" "Spokane Landscape" "Spokane River"

Sunset on the Spokane River, just upstream from the Bowl and Pitcher. Photo is a 3 shot composite HDR image taken and processed by Eric Strate. (c) Eric Strate

In the meantime, here’s an old shot of the Spokane River to remind you how amazing the sunsets in this area can be.

Moon Shot

Spokane Family Portrait Photographer

Another shot from a recent family portrait session.  Fall sessions are filling up fast – book today!

Spokane Photographer – Gears of War 3 Release

In one of the more unique shoots I’ve had the opportunity to do, I was asked to shoot the release of a video game at a local business where customers could pose with a life sized replica of one of the weapons for the gun.

Here’s one of the shots from the night – for shooting in a parking lot I thought the lighting turned out cool (just used a single Alienbee with a beauty dish for main light and an old Nikon Sb-28 for rim/accent lighting if you are interested as a photographer).  Wanted a 3 light setup, but the area we were shooting didn’t have room for it.


Spokane Wedding Photographer – Ashley and Drew Wedding Preview

A few teaser shots from Ashley and Drew’s 9/10/11 wedding.


Spokane Family Photographer – The Family Portrait

When most of us think of a family portrait, a fairly traditional vision springs to mind.  I would say for all the traditional shots I have taken, this almost accidental shot has to be amongst my favorites – an unplanned shot that really captured the family dynamic. 

With summer winding down and fall just a couple months awawy, its a great time to consider a family shoot at some of the great outdoor locations we have in this area (we can also turn your home into a studio if you’d like something with a more familiar feel to it).  Unlike the standard set of shots you’ll get from many of the department store studios, with us you will get a mixture of those more traditional shots you can send off to to friends and family and the creative shots that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.  Don’t let the narrow vision so many people have for family portraits prevent you from the opportunity to get a set of pictures that actually capture all those personalities within the family.

We offer a variety of family portrait packages to suit your needs.  Check the “Services” tab for more information, or contact us directly with any inquiries.  Click on the “Contact” link at the top or side of the page for email/phone.

Goodbye, Summer

Summer used to feel like an eternity, but obviously the older we get the more insignificant 3 months really feels.  And 3 years for that matter.  Random thought – did you know that time travel to the future is theoretically possible due to relativistic time dilation?  As you move faster and faster, time actually slows down for you, but this really only has a noticeable effect at speeds far greater than anything we will ever experience.  However, if you could hop in a spaceship capable of traveling, say, 99% the speed of light (speed of light is about 186,000 miles per SECOND), and fly around at that speed for a few hours in space, when you returned to earth you would find that years would have passed.  This effect has been confirmed experimentally using very sensitive clocks on airplanes and with satellites.  Quite literally, less time passed on the clock traveling on the plane/satellite vs. the same clock on the ground.  Again, the effect was very, very small because the speed of a plane or even an orbiting satellite is nothing compared to the speed of light (we can’t even come close to it).

And with that, here’s the sun setting on summer.

Spokane Music Photographer

Shot this at a concert put on at an annual party/event last night.  Mike Herrera performed with Tumbledown and they put on a great show.  Check out Tumbledown here: http://www.tumbledownhq.com/

Every now and then…

…you just have to take a picture of something because its there. 

Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer

Still booking senior sessions – have a very limited number of spots for September and October.  Great prices.

Here’s one shot from an August 23rd session at Finch Arboretum (great spot for pictures).

Spokane Family Photographer – Aug. 21

Scheduling a portrait session for the entire family can be tricky with how busy life can be, but the payoff is well worth the effort. 

Spokane Senior Photographer

Some shots from a recent senior session.

Spokane Family Photographer – The Jones Family

Spokane Wedding Photographer – Drew and Ashley Engagements

Spend a few minutes with Drew and Ashley and you’ll realize that this is a truly remarkable young couple – maturity beyond their years, a genuine love and devotion for and to each other, and a grounding in faith that keeps them focused on what is truly important in life.  I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with them and have been inspired by the way they are approaching their future, working hard to get started on the right foot in each aspect of it.  One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to see people begin their lives together, and I know their journey will be a long and happy one.  Thanks to Michael McMullen for his help with the lighting gear on this shoot!

Spokane Family Photographer – Blake and Sarah

Extraordinarily nice young couple with an extraordinarily cute little boy, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take their pictures.
Here are a few from our session at Manito Park.


Many pictures from Yellowstone will be forthcoming – for now, here are a couple.  Sunrise and an Elk checking me out in the midst of a dense fog.

Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer

Some images from a shoot on July 1.

Spokane Photographer – Family Candids

I’ve taken a wide variety of pictures – covering weddings, seniors, landscapes, wildlife, etc…but I have to selfishly admit that taking candids of my nephews and family in general is probably what I enjoy most with the camera.  I encourage everyone with a camera to look at turning their standard family shots into something a bit more memorable by focusing on little things like lighting, angles, zoom, etc…

Spokane Senior Portrait Photographer

The Approach
We approach senior photography with the goal of creating not just a set of fantastic images, but also providing you with an enjoyable and relaxed experience that makes it easy for you to look your absolute best. Introvert, extrovert, musician, athlete, scholar – however many of these categories you might fit in, we will create shots that reflect them and thus reflect a part of you. Photo shoots can take place anywhere – literally. We’ll consult with you to determine the location or locations that suit you best. With our portable lighting equipment and backdrops, we can bring the studio to you.

All senior portraits are retouched to remove blemishes, balance and smooth the skin, and bring out the eyes. Additional post-processing options such as black and white, aged/vintage, selective color, and high dynamic range imaging are also available.

The Prices
All packages include retouching of photos for blemish removal and smoothing the skin.  We always strive to serve the customer’s needs.  If you need to arrange special payment plans, we can work with you to break up your payments, modify packages, etc., let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Package A — $225

  • 2 hour session with unlimited outfit changes
  • Multiple locations
  • Private online proofing gallery
  • Standard image retouching on prints
  • Yearbook photo submission
  • One 8×10
  • Four 5x7s
  • 16 wallets
  • CD with up to 10 retouched, full resolution images of your choice (including those chosen for the prints)

Package B— $250

  • 3 hour session with unlimited outfit changes
  • Multiple locations
  • Private online proofing gallery
  • Standard image retouching on prints
  • Yearbook photo submission
  • One 8×10
  • Four 5x7s
  • 16 wallets
  • CD with up to 10 retouched, full resolution images of your choice (including those chosen for the prints)

Package C — $300

  • 4 hour session that can be broken up over 2 separate sessions with unlimited outfit changes
  • Multiple locations
  • Private online proofing gallery
  • Standard image retouching on prints
  • Yearbook photo submission
  • One 11×14
  • Two 8x10s
  • Six 5x7s
  • 48 wallets
  • CD with up to 20 retouched, full resolution images of your choice (including those chosen for the prints)