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Spokane Family Photographer – Studio Shoot

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Spokane Maternity Photographer – Brian and Elise

Far too many people have been called “the friendliest people in the world” for the term to be a very accurate and honest description of whoever is being talked about…unless those two people are Brian and Elise.  In their case, a more apt description doesn’t exist.  Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting this young couple for a maternity shoot (and an upcoming newborn shoot as soon as little Ella makes her grand entrance) at their apartment.  Brian was instantly offering us coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and I think would have probably been happy to throw a 16 pound turkey in the oven and get that started for us too.  With how at home they made us feel, I can only imagine how pampered their new arrival is going to be.  One thing is certain…she’s going to be wearing some awesome shoes (a hookup at Nike is always a good thing when it comes to outfitting your child’s feet…)  Imelda Marcos has nothing on the collection of footwear this young lady will have….and I’m guessing that joke will fall flat on many readers who aren’t up on their “extravagant tastes of wives of former Phillipine presidents” history…Nevermind then.  Brian and Elise are great people and a lot of fun to be around.  Enough said.