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Spokane Landscape Photographer

Ventured into a new area this summer, doing some commercial landscape work for a local company that does some absolutely amazing stuff.  Check out their work at Copper Creek Landscaping

The Milky Way Rises

Astrophotgraphy isn’t something I do often, and this was one of my first ever attempts at shooting the Milky Way as it rose over the small town of Curlew, WA, just south of the Canadian border.
The Perseides meteor shower had peaked several days prior, but I did manage to catch a shooting start just over the mountains in this shot.  This is a 3-shot panorama of the sky, each shot taken as a 30 second long exposure to bring out the detail in the sky.

Spokane at Night

Spokane Photographer – Scenes from Downtown Rooftops

A few shots taken from the Bank of America building in downtown Spokane.

Spokane at Night

Doing some shooting from the top of a few downtown buildings over the next couple days.

Goodbye, Summer

Summer used to feel like an eternity, but obviously the older we get the more insignificant 3 months really feels.  And 3 years for that matter.  Random thought – did you know that time travel to the future is theoretically possible due to relativistic time dilation?  As you move faster and faster, time actually slows down for you, but this really only has a noticeable effect at speeds far greater than anything we will ever experience.  However, if you could hop in a spaceship capable of traveling, say, 99% the speed of light (speed of light is about 186,000 miles per SECOND), and fly around at that speed for a few hours in space, when you returned to earth you would find that years would have passed.  This effect has been confirmed experimentally using very sensitive clocks on airplanes and with satellites.  Quite literally, less time passed on the clock traveling on the plane/satellite vs. the same clock on the ground.  Again, the effect was very, very small because the speed of a plane or even an orbiting satellite is nothing compared to the speed of light (we can’t even come close to it).

And with that, here’s the sun setting on summer.

Spokane Photographer – Prints for Sale

While I don’t do as much landscape work as I used to, I still am selling prints of the work I have done in the past.  If you are interested in any prints, please contact me regarding availability and pricing.  I try to show the area in a way many haven’t seen before – giving people a chance to ‘see things again for the first time.’

Summer Trip to Seattle

Some shots from a quick family trip to Seattle and a return along the North Cascades Highway.